• Our Purpose

    Our Purpose

    Without financial support, many young girls in Ghana would never even dream of finishing their secondary education.

    Funding from EEC gives them hope for a brighter future.

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  • The Program

    The Program

    “Brilliant but needy” is used to describe young girls in Ghana who show great academic promise, but are unable to afford school fees. With EEC scholarships, these students can achieve their dreams

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  • Effecting Change

    Effecting Change

    The road out of poverty begins with education for the individual and can benefit the entire community.

    Your donation to EEC will have a wide impact.

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Building lives of dignity and self-reliance through individual scholarships.

Empowered By Scholarships

Girls Build Lives of Dignity and Self-Reliance

Educating Every Child (EEC)  a 501(c)-(3) Non-Profit Organization provides individual scholarships to highly motivated, bright, underprivileged, adolescent girls, most of whom are orphans in Ghana, where there are no free high schools. We believe that education empowers young people to improve their own lives and work for the betterment of their families and their communities.


74 scholarships have been awarded to 58 girls: 33 of these girls have graduate   
from high school with skills that will change their lives. The rest are still in high school, moving toward graduation. None has dropped out of school.
Our program started in 2 high schools. We are now in 5 high schools, all in the Manya  Krobo region of Ghana.
In September, 2016, for the first time, we offered support to all of our scholarships students at a level that enables them to become boarding students. This is a high benefit since it allows for better focus on school work, and guarantees three regulars meals a day.

Our scholarships cover the cost to tuition, exit exam fees, and accumulated arrears, all or which must be paid before a student can graduate. Our scholarships are renewable as long as the student’s record remains in good standing.

— Girls Act as Agents of Change. When girls are educated and empowered, they can create lasting change within their community and the cycle of poverty can be broken.
— High School Girls are not being Reached. Current programs rarely, if ever, focus on adolescent girls.
— The Cost of Excluding Girls is High.  What does the future hold, for us as a global society, when women are expected to fulfill the roles of mother, healer, daughter, sister, wife, community teacher, nutritionist, economist, problem solver, counselor and role model–and all without an education? The future is bleak.

In 1965 Manya Krobo was improverished by the Akosonbo Dam, which displaced 80,000 farmers and fisherman, and destroyed their livelihood. In the 80’s and 90’s Manya Krobo was ravaged by AIDS, which devastated the populations and created countless orphans. We have chosen to work in the rural area of Manya Krobo because it is extremely impoverished and has a high number of orphans who need assistance to attend high school. High school education is not free in Ghana. All high schools charge tuition.


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