Financial Accountability

Financial transparency is imperative for not-for-profit organizations. Individuals must know that their valuable donations are directly benefiting the cause in the promised amount. Thus, Educating Every Child tracks its funds meticulously. The Ghana Organization of Volunteer Assistance (GOVA) administers the program in Ghana. GOVA, formed in 1976, is an independent, non-government, non-profit organization that is an outgrowth of the Peace Corps. GOVA has a proven record of success in assisting non-profit organizations such as ours.

GOVA disburses the scholarships by check directly into the school account for the student. When the student receives the scholarship, she, the director of the school, the student’s care-giver and the GOVA project director sign an agreement detailing the responsibilities of all parties.

Emmanuel Sawer, the GOVA project director, was educated both in Ghana and the U.S. Mr. Sawer has a degree in management and finance from the University of Denver and has been the project director of GOVA since 1979.

EEC receives copies of all correspondence between GOVA and the schools that scholarship recipients are attending. All financial records are kept in accordance with accepted international accounting standards. To assure that scholarship funds are used strictly for education only, cash disbursements of any kind are prohibited. The EEC board of directors reviews all financial records before the money is transferred and reviews the records again after the money is disbursed.