Meet Our Students

Deborah–Our First Graduate
Deborah was in her final year at St. Anne’s Senior High/Vocational School. Deborah lost both parents when she was 11 years old. Her brother, who has his own children to support and educate, could only give Deborah minimal financial assistance. Being an aspiring fashion designer, she worked in the local dressmaking shops to earn money for school.

In her essay she writes, “As a fourth-year student aspiring to further my education at the Polytechnic Institute, I was worried about having enough time for my studies. Getting accepted depends on good grades. The EEC scholarship meant a lot to me because it gave me more time to study and prepare for my final examinations so I could obtain the grades I needed to qualify for the Polytechnic Institute.”

Deborah won the school’s outstanding design award at graduation and is on her way to becoming a fashion designer.

Augustina graduated from St. Anne’s Senior High/Vocational School in 2013. In her essay, Augustina said the Educating Every Child program was her savior. Receiving the scholarship allowed her to continue high school education.

Her father passed away when she was thirteen years old. Her mother, a single parent, was taking care of Augustina and her siblings, all of whom were in school. Augustina’s financial difficulties started in her second year at St. Anne’s. Her mother was not able to pay for her schooling and at the same time provide for the rest of the family. Augustina was considering dropping out because she had no way of paying the school fees. The scholarship she received from our program prevented her from making this sacrifice.

Augustina graduated as the best overall student in her class. In addition she received awards for outstanding performance in English, Social Studies, Religious and Moral Education.

Augustina plans to start her own Dress Design business so she can help her siblings complete their high school education.

Matilda has been an orphan since she was one day old. Her mother died shortly after giving birth to her. Her father was killed in a truck driving accident right before Matilda was born. Things were very difficult for Matilda. Her grandmother’s only source of income was selling beans and gari on market days. Often Matilda had to skip school in order to help her grandmother. The money they earned went for food and school supplies so Matilda could finish primary and junior high school.

Although Matilda’s school record and test scores were high enough to gain admission to Senior High School, she could not attend due to lack of funds. Matilda worked for two years. In her essay she said,” I managed somehow to save enough money to enter the Akro Senior High Technical School.” Her grandmother died shortly after she started school.

Paying her school fees became a real problem. She moved in with her uncle and his five children to lower her school fees. She gets up very early and walks to school. She often misses classes to work at the market so she can continue her education.

When she learned from her teachers that she had received a scholarship from EEC, she said this scholarship meant a lot to her. She promised to be worthy of this gift by studying hard, and earning excellent grades. Matilda graduated in 2013. She was offered a position in retail sales and is enjoying the job.

Victoria has been orphaned since she was ten years old. After her mother died, she went to live with her aunt. Things there were very difficult and she often went to school hungry. Her teachers paid for her school supplies and examination fees.

She left her aunt’s home and moved in with her uncle and his family. Her uncle was struggling to pay the school fees for his own children and could not afford to send Victoria to school. A friend of Victoria’s uncle asked to see her examination results. Two days later her uncle’s friend told her she should go to Odumase and register at Akro Senior High Technical School. Victoria enrolled in the school and started her first year, but could not pay the school fees. Thus, she contemplated dropping out of school. When she received the EEC scholarship, she felt truly grateful that she could continue her schooling. She said she knows how hard it is to attend school when you do not have a mother or a father to help you. She told us she will study hard to complete her education at Akro and be worthy of this scholarship.

Gifty is a first-year student at St. Anne’s. Both of her parents died when she was in primary school. She lives with her aunt, a single parent who also has her own children attending school. Gifty helps out financially by sewing clothes in a shop.

When Gifty received the EEC scholarship, she was very happy. Her fears of dropping out of school because of financial difficulties were alleviated. She told us that now she can concentrate on her studies and getting good grades to be able to pursue her dream of attending a Polytechnic Institute.

Naomi graduated from Akro Senior Technical School in 2013. She has wanted to be a nurse since she was a little girl. Her father passed away before she was born. She lived on a farm with her mother and grandmother where they produced cassava and maize for sale.

Due to her grandmother’s age, all the farming activities fell on her mother’s shoulders. It became difficult for Naomi’s mother to pay her school fees. Naomi would often have to go home and help her on the farm. She feared that she would have to drop out of school entirely.

The EEC scholarship removed her fears of having to drop out of school. She wrote in her essay that she is determined to study hard so she can achieve her aim of becoming a nurse. She was very pleased to learn that her agricultural science courses will qualify her for nursing school.