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Did you know an education is not a right in Ghana like it is in the US? All high schools charge tuition, which many young girls are unable to afford. And fewer than 50% of students in Ghana score well enough on the entry exams to even be admitted to high school. But the hurdles these young girls face do not end there. In this area of Ghana, financial assistance for students attending high school is extremely rare.

Your donation helps a deserving young girl complete her high school education. You help give these girls hope, placing them on the road of self-reliance, allowing them to build lives of dignity.

Every Donor is an Agent of Change

Currently, the Educating Every Child program has scholarship recipients in three out of the five senior high schools in the Manya Krobo District. Our goal is to have scholarship recipients in all five senior high schools. By being able to offer scholarships in all the area schools, we send a powerful message of hope to the many young students still in primary school. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that the most deserving students receive the financial assistance that they need to better themselves and their communities. Education is a powerful change agent and every student who receives an Educating Every Child scholarship becomes a powerful agent of change herself.

You can also become an agent of change by contributing to Educating Every Child.

To support one student’s high school tuition, including room and board, and fees:

  • $750.00 pays tuition and fees for an entire year
  • $500.00 pays tuition and fees for two terms
  • $250.00 pays tuition and fees for one term

There are three terms in a school year.

Every donation has meaning:

  • $15.00 pays for the average exam fees per year
  • $25.00 pays for the computer and library fees per year
  • $75.00 pays for school uniforms
  • $120.00 pays for all the school supplies per year

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Educating Every Child is a 501(c)-(3) non-profit organization and your tax deductible donation will help a young women imagine a brighter future. Donations may be mailed to 206 Main Street, Suite 22 Millburn, NJ 07041.