Our Purpose

Building Lives of Dignity and Self-Reliance Through Scholarships

“If you educate a woman you educate a nation.” With these words, Dr. Emmanuel Aggrey, noted Ghanaian Educationist, captured the importance of scholarship programs like Educating Every Child. By making a donation, you are not only making an impact on the life of one girl, you are effecting change in her community, her nation and the world as a whole.

In many parts of the world, where public education is free and mandatory, education is taken for granted. However, in the Manya Krobo region of Ghana, schooling is not a right; it is a privilege awarded to only those students who can afford it. There are no free Senior High Schools in Ghana. They all charge tuition. For orphaned young women in Ghana, completing their high school education is a goal which they have little hope of accomplishing. Without scholarship assistance these young women are forced to drop out of school.

The importance of educating girls and the effect it has on their own lives, and the importance to their communities, cannot be overstated. Education, especially educating young, orphaned girls through high school, is the way forward to a brighter future. In the words of a primary school Head Master,” Many of the orphans are academically qualified to pursue further studies. If these young people are given an opportunity to complete Senior High School, they will be gainfully employed. Their ability to earn a living will end the vicious cycle of poverty from which they evolved.”

Educating Every Child (EEC) is a 501(c)-(3) Non-Profit Organization which provides individual scholarships to highly motivated, extremely poor, young women, most of whom are orphaned. With the scholarships EEC provides, these young women can achieve their dreams of graduating from senior high school in the Manya Krobo region of Ghana and go on to build successful careers.