Our Commitment

Educating Every Child Board of Directors’ Commitments

Educating Every Child Board members are committed to the belief that education is a powerful change agent. Education creates employment opportunities and an ability to choose a career that leads to leadership positions. Education empowers young people to work for the betterment of their own families, as well as of their community as a whole.

Educating Every Child Board members share Professor Annorbah-Sarpei’s belief that EEC’s individual scholarship program will have a significant impact on the lives of the scholarship recipients, as well as their community. That is why all the startup costs for this program were underwritten by the board members. Your donations will go directly to the scholarship program.

EEC Board Member Responsibilities:

  • Meticulously review all financial documents
  • Monitor the scholarship selection process to be sure that it accurately reflects the guidelines established by the board
  • Complete Site Visits

Board Members believe that site visits are a very important part of the accountability process. Board members pay for their own expenses when visiting Ghana. Your donations to EEC will never be used for site visits. To learn about our most recent visit, see “Our Trip to Ghana” by Genia Peterson, president of the EEC board.

To learn more about our Accountability Process, click here.

Meet the Board Members

The EEC board believes in the power of diversity. Each board member brings a unique set of business, professional and generational life experiences to the board. Look for us on Facebook and LinkedIn.