Our Program

Our program is located in the eastern part of Ghana in the district of Manya Krobo. It is the poorest area of Ghana with the highest number of orphans. These young women have faced formidable challenges just to complete their primary school education. Against impossible odds, they have achieved outstanding scores in the national qualifying examinations. Only students who have achieved these very high scores are permitted to attend Senior High School. Despite having proven themselves academically, these young women have little hope of completing their high school education without financial assistance, as schools at this level charge tuition.

In Ghana our students are classified as “Brilliant but Needy”. This is a term used by High School Directors in the region. The school administrators are acutely aware that academic talent is universal, but opportunity in this area is very limited if you are poor and orphaned. The educators in the area understand the many hurdles these young women had to overcome to excel academically. Professor Annorbah-Sarpei, a professional consultant on development issues in Africa, pointed out that financial assistance for students attending Senior High School is extremely rare. Educating Every Child’s individual scholarship program can have a significant impact on the future of the Manya Krobo community.