Course of Study

Core Curriculum

The Senior High School Students we support are required by their schools to take a core curriculum consisting of English Language, Integrated Science, Mathematics, Social Studies, French and Physical Education.

Out of necessity, our students are all multi-lingual. They enter primary school speaking the local language from their area. In school, they learn English, which is the official language of Ghana. Then in High School they are taught French. Ghana is the only English-speaking country in West Africa. The primary language in the other West African countries is French. Therefore, French is an important language of commerce in this region.

Special Programs

In addition to the core curriculum, there are specialized programs offered by the High Schools. The students are required to choose at least one of the specialized programs to study. Some of the specialized programs include business education, general science, agricultural science, general liberal arts, visual arts and home economics. While Home Economics has a domestic connotation in our country, it is defined differently in Ghana. The course work focuses on fashion design, creating textiles, nutrition, food catering and business management courses. It is designed to give students skills necessary to start their own business enterprise.

Leadership Opportunities

The school days are purposefully structured to encourage students to participate in various activities. Schools have student-run newspapers and media clubs. The student government groups take an active role in decisions affecting the students. There are also a number of extra-curricular activities available, including debating clubs, cooking competitions and sports teams for both girls and boys.

Career Development

The Senior High School programs in Ghana are geared toward giving students marketable skills. As the directors of St Anne’s Vocational School and Akro Senior High Technical School told EEC board members, the schools’ curricula and activities prepare students for the future. Students graduating from these high schools have the opportunity to further their studies at a University, Polytechnical Institute, or a professional school, such as nursing or journalism. Students also have the training to enter the business workforce right after graduation or start their own business if they do not wish to continue their studies or must begin working out of necessity.

Schools Selected

While there are five Senior Vocation/High Schools in the Manya Krobo region, EEC scholarship recipients currently attend only three. We plan to expand into the other two as funds permit.