Who Benefits from the Educating Every Child Scholarship

Each one of our scholarship recipients lives in an area where girl’s education is not valued, especially if you are an orphan. They faced many obstacles just to attend school. They worked in the market place from a very young age. They had farm chores and often were required to help take care of the elderly. They were only permitted to work on their school assignments after all their chores were completed.

These were not the only hurdles the young girls had to  overcome to excel academically. They attended primary and junior secondary schools which were poorly funded. They did not have books or desks. Many of the girls came to school hungry. They used the money which they earned working in the market to pay for their uniforms, backpacks, school supplies and fees.

Admission to senior high school is not automatic. Upon completing junior secondary school, all students are required to take a national qualifying exam to gain admission to a tuition-base high school. There are no free high schools in Ghana It is generally assumed that less than 20% of the students in the Manay Krobo  score high enough to qualify for high school.

Each student supported by the Educating Every Child Scholarship Program has felt hopeless. They have exceled academically, achieved outstanding scores on the National Qualifying Entrance Exam, and gained admission to high school, but they lacked funds to pay the school tuition fees. These are the students the Educating Every Child program supports.


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